UK Investor City Forum – February

An evening of business and connecting. On the 25th of February, we held the 5th in the series of UK Investor City Forum events. Held at the spectacular Brewery in Moorgate, the evening invited an elite group of investors from all sectors to come and listen to speeches from the best in the business.

Gervais Williams spoke of his 30 years of knowledge of managing funds. In addition, Gervais talked on his experience as a member of the AIM Advisory Council, providing his experiences and stories of the investment world. Our second speaker of the night was David Sefton, the Executive Chairman for Anglo African Oil & Gas Plc. David was highly informative yet concise in his presentation about the oil infrastructure projects AAOG has invested in in the Republic of Congo. Hosted by Zak Mir, a former stockbroker and co-host of the CityAM podcast.

Zak is a very proficient interviewer, asking the right questions to elicit the most insightful response from the guest speakers. The night provided great insight into the world of investment and we look forward to the next UK Investor City Forum on Monday 29th April.