Anglo African Agriculture plc (“AAA” or the “Company”), incorporated in England and Wales and is subject to UK Companies Act, is a London Stock Exchange Main Board listed trading company, set up with the purpose of developing an agricultural trading group in Africa.

On 9 July 2014, AAA acquired the Issued Share Capital of Dynamic Intertrade (Pty) Limited (“Dynamic”) resulting in Dynamic becoming a wholly owned subsidiary of the Company.

Dynamic is a manufacturer of food products. Dynamic’s commercial activities fall into three principal categories:

  • Manufacturing of herbs and spices:
    Dynamic’s core operations are the manufacture of chilli and paprika blended products, and are responsible for quality control, milling blending and packaging of the product.
  • Production of guar beans:
    Dynamic agreed a Joint venture with a European company for the cultivation and production of guar splits in southern Africa.
  • Trading in agriculture products:
    Dynamic trades in black pepper, chilli flakes, coconut and dehydrated garlic products, as well as sugar beans, sesame seeds, white pepper, roasted coriander and pumpkin seeds.