Catenae Innovation Plc (CTEA) is a relatively new name to AIM. We provide technology solutions focused on Distributed Ledger Technology (aka blockchain)- avoiding the obvious cryptocurrency affiliations, the company has developed a portfolio of products and services which provide innovative solutions that deliver commercial advantage to Catenae’s growing client base.

Our strategy has resulted in Catenae being one of the few companies operating in the blockchain arena (especially on AIM) to have real products serving real clients, more importantly generating real revenues.

In this vein, Catenae added OnSite to its portfolio in December 2018 with the specific aim of simplifying inspections, auditing and governance within the building management and construction sectors. OnSite combines on-device inspection with centralised time-stamping, geo-location and identity management – all stored within an immutable blockchain record. Proving forever that a specific inspection took place, thereby reducing claims against contractors and mitigating the risk profile of all involved.

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