Cobra Resources Plc has been formed and is listed on the London Main Market Standard Segment, to make acquisitions of projects in the natural resources sector without any geographical restriction. A number of potential acquisition opportunities have been identified, an good progress is being made in secure an asset to develop.

Following completion of any Acquisition, the objective of the Company will be to operate the acquired business and implement an operating strategy with a view to generating value for its shareholders through operational improvements as well as potentially through additional complementary acquisitions following an initial Acquisition. Any Acquisition, by the Company will be deemed a “reverse takeover”. Any subsequent acquisition may also deemed a “reverse takeover”. Furthermore, it may be appropriate, dependent on the geography of any target business’ manufacturing locations or target markets, for the Company’s shares to be additionally listed on a non-UK stock exchange.

The Company’s efforts in identifying a prospective target project in the natural resources sector will not be limited to a particular geographic region however the initial focus will be Africa and Australia.

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