Fox Marble Holdings Plc (FOX) which is quoted on the AIM market is the only publicly traded dimension stone and marble company listed on the London Stock Exchange and quarries high quality marble from its quarries located in Macedonia and Kosovo. Fox also has a state of the art fully operational large processing factory located in Kosovo in a 6,000 sq metre facility adjacent to the airport in Pristina (the capital city of Kosovo) equipped with Italian built machinery capable of processing high quality marble to the highest standards for international consumption. Since achieving its successful IPO in 2012 Fox has established itself internationally as a producer of high quality and in some cases very scarce marble and limestone and has successfully penetrated many markets around the world. Fox currently produces eleven different types of marble ranging from pure white marble to a multicoloured breccia marble from Its own quarries. Its processed white, grey and multi coloured marble has been installed in some of the most prestigious developments round in the world in the most demanding of markets such as London, Sydney, Beijing, Mumbai and the Middle East. Fox currently has multiple customers in multiple jurisdictions around the world who order marble on a regular monthly basis. The most in demand material that Fox produces (the white Alexandrian White and the Illirico Selene – which is a silver grey stone and Illirico Bianco – an off-white cream stone) has generated more demand than Fox can currently supply. Fox Marble expects to increase production to satisfy the demand it has created round the world and benefit from this in its current (2019) year of operation.