Nostra Terra Oil and Gas Company plc (AIM: NTOG) is a fast-growing exploration and production company focused on established hydrocarbon provinces in the United States and Egypt.

Nostra Terra has more than doubled its cash flow in the last 2 years, enough to reinvest and grow the portfolio without depending solely on the stock market to fund growth. It is especially focused on the pursuit of projects that add value and strong cash flows by combining advanced technology and disciplined cost control. Interests will continue to vary, ranging up to 100% in some cases. The Company has a combination of both operated and non-operated oil and gas assets.

Exciting new reserves of oil and gas are still being discovered and exploited within long-established US hydrocarbon basins. The application of advanced drilling and recovery techniques developed in ‘tight rock’, (such as shale plays), enables operators to achieve dramatic increases in production and reserves from formations that were previously thought to be uneconomic. The Niobrara, Bakken and Eagle Ford resource plays are some of the most prominent examples. There are literally dozens of lesser known plays emerging in the Permian, Midland, Delaware , Anadarko, Arkoma, Williston, Powder River, and other Basins.

The key to Nostra Terra’s growth strategy is the use of precision drilling technology, including horizontal drilling, combined with 3D seismic mapping, sophisticated log suites and multi-stage well completions to target and exploit compartmentalised reservoirs that were underproduced when the original vertical wells were drilled in these mature fields.