The Obtala Group encompasses substantial agricultural and forestry operations in Tanzania and Mozambique. With a strong focus on sustainability and positive social impact, the company now has the infrastructure and logistics in place for significant growth in the near term. From the 1,730 hectares of farmland, usage is about to increase three-fold in 2017 to 125 hectares, and up to 500 hectares the following year, with strong demand from local markets as well as Middle East and Europe. The high-quality fruit and vegetables are cultivated, processed and packaged in-house with new facilities enabling Obtala to meet increasing demand. The forestry business is one of the largest in Mozambique, with 312,465 hectares of concessions with 50-year renewable leases. Equally, recent infrastructure investments mean that these assets are about to be unlocked and processed for the local African and global markets. Obtala is working in consultation with and full support of the local communities and governments, as well as NGOs, adhering to best practice.